Our “little” helpers in the slaughtering and boning process.

The machines and equipment in your slaughterhouses or slaughter process line are valuable. Only accessories that are characterised by top quality, durability and constant availability can make the cut . This is where our accessories come in.


Quality comes with the territory.

RENNER Schlachthaustechnik delivers accessories that go hand in hand with the best possible efficiency in the slaughtering process. Adding the cherry on top, you will find deblooding knives, hooks, suspension hooks for pigs, fat for suspension track conveyors, pig driving appliances and much more in our assortment. Everything provided in the best available quality.

De-blooding knife for pigs hand tool for hygienic blood collection


Automatic suspension hook for pigs
Cattle bleed hook
Empty hook trolley
Euro hook
Boned in different variants
Equipment for changing rooms
Tubular rail switches
Pig drivers, paddle
Electric stunning systems for industry and the trade for stunning pigs, sows and sheep.
Video 01 (3-point stunning system)