Renner Schlachthaustechnik

RENNER SCHLACHTHAUSTECHNIK is a company founded in 1987 that has made a name for itself in the area of slaughter technology, conveying and hygiene equipment in the meat processing industry and the butchery trade.

Whether it is in our home market in Germany or in our international projects, the high quality we deliver is guaranteed by our advice, planning, production and installation by our own supervisors on site any time and anywhere. To maintain the consistent high quality, RENNER SCHLACHTHAUSTECHNIK decided years ago to train young people itself in organisation and production, thereby ensuring a basis for the handing on of expertise.


Modern CAD design workstations, CNC machines, ERP systems for internal organisation, support the experience in the planning, production, final assembly and installation on site.

RENNER SCHLACHTHAUSTECHNIK sees itself as a full service provider for companies of all different sizes.
Whether you are an artisan or a large industrial company, RENNER SCHLACHTHAUSTECHNIK will work with you to develop the best operational process while focusing on animal welfare, hygiene, ergonomics, quality and health and safety at work.

RENNER SCHLACHTHAUSTECHNIK is a typical German family business, being run in 2nd generation by Armin and Thomas Renner.

QUALITY all along the line