Conveyor Technology

RENNER analyses, designs, manufactures and installs conveyor systems for a wide range of applications in slaughterhouses and boning halls. Our conveyor systems ensure efficient operation of all production and logistics processes.

We supply chain conveyors, empty hook conveyors, pneumatic push rods, stacking conveyors, compressed air and vacuum conveyor systems and belt conveyors. PLC systems enable optimal control of your systems.



  • slaughter conveyors for cattle, pigs and sheep
  • cooler conveyors
  • conveying systems for fast cooling
  • conveyors with scales
  • conveyors for bowls
  • organ conveyors
  • loading elevators
  • cattle loading elevators
  • winches
  • chain hoists
  • pneumatic or hydraulic push rod
  • conveyors
  • multiflex chain conveyors
  • belt conveyors
  • conveyor belts for skin, offal and bones
  • pneum. transport systems for waste disposal
  • vacuum exhaust units
  • empty hook conveyors
  • empty hook elevators
  • empty hook stack conveyors
  • empty hook cleaning
  • conveying and handling systems for cattle hides
  • tubular track, galvanised and/or with plastic inlay
  • pneumatic sliding track switches
  • rotating track switches
  • cross track switches
  • telescopic loading tracks
  • automatic greasing of tubular tracks
Cross track switches
Conveyors for bowls
Vertical bleeding
Blood collecting installation for pigs or cattle
Conveyor for cattle and pig fast cooling
Cattle sliding hook 1250 kg
Conveyor for fast cooling
Loading elevator
Conveyor for red organs
Tubular track
Pneumatic transport system