Dehairing beaters & dehairing whips made of rubber & plastic

Dehairing whips & rubber beaters suitable for all common machine types

In addition to perfect dehairing results, dehairing beaters, scrapers or dehairing whips for pigs need to run through the machines smoothly – both with as little wear as possible.

Longevity makes the difference

RENNER Schlachthaustechnik offers you an extensive range of dehairing beaters and whips for pigs. We use either rubber or plastic as the material for the dehairing whips and beaters, which are not only durable but also fulfil the high hygiene requirements of the food industry. With our wide range of plastic dehairing whips and rubber dehairing beaters, you will be excellently positioned in the slaughtering process in the future and benefit from the high quality of our products.

RENNER dehairing rubber beater & scraper in premium quality

Our dehairing scrapers, rubber beaters, blocks and whips made from durable materials are of the highest quality and have been continuously developed on the basis of our many years of experience. As part of our innovative slaughterhouse technology, slaughterhouses and cutting plants have been benefiting from the large number of dehairing beaters in our range for many years. 

Customised solutions for your benefit

Please contact us so that we, the team of RENNER Schlachthaustechnik, can develop a customised solution together with you. We focus on the needs of your business so that our dehairing beaters and whips become an important part of your work process. Our high-quality products give you a considerable competitive advantage and you benefit from the durability of our technology.