Scalding and dehairing machines

Paddle wheel scalding tank for 40-200 pigs per hour

Specially developed for your advantage
when processing animals for slaughter

RENNER Schlachthaustechnik has developed and implemented scalding and dehairing machines that can reach a performance capacity of 200 pigs per hour, fulfilling the industry’s requirements. Depending on the pigs’ weight, either one or two carcasses can be processed in the heavy-duty RENNER scalding and dehairing machine. Tailored to the needs of the trade, RENNER Schlachthaustechnik’s offers combined scalding and dehairing machines that can process 15 pigs per hour.

2-roller de-hairing machine

Solutions covering the entire workflow

Our facilities and machines ideally cover the entire workflow process starting with the pre-cleaning to the scalding and dehairing, up to the subsequent cleaning of the pigs.


Our brush scrubber machinery ensure that any carcasses covered in dirt and blood are thoroughly cleaned. Your advantage:the scalding water is considerably less contaminated as a result.


With the subsequent scalding process, the pig is automatically immersed into one of our paddle wheel tanks filled with scalding water at approx. 60°C. They are equipped with intensive water circulation and a precise temperature control, ensuring perfect results. The RENNER paddle wheel tanks
are heated with steam. Heat exchangers and electric heating systems for small capacities are also available.


Our intermittent dehairing machines are designed to dehair 40 to 200 pigs per hour and can be optionally equipped with a liquid petroleum gas or natural gas powered singeing device. The last remaining bristles are singed off in the machines. An optional conveyor system can be installed below the dehairing rollers, removing the bristles.

Subsequent cleaning

Drying whips, furnaces, wet whips, and, last but not least, decontamination furnaces all developed by us are used for the subsequent cleaning of the pigs.