Hygiene technology

Cattel head processing booth

Part of your slaughterhouse’s planning right from the start.

Hygiene (especially personal hygiene) is becoming more and more significant in the design of slaughterhouses. On one hand, statutory regulations are increasing. At the same time, the trend goes towards ever-growing industrial slaughterhouses with a large number of employees.
Slaughterhouses and boning plants see it as their duty to comply with stringent hygiene standards in their daily operations. Simultaneously, efficiency and economic viability should be left untouched – a challenge.

In cooperation with you and in line with your requirements, RENNER Schlachthaustechnik will realise a functioning hygiene concept.
We will ensure that your company is fit for all hygiene requirements while also providing your employees with optimum support in complying with them.

Everything for the most stringent hygienic standards.

In the meat production industry, just like in any other food industry, the following is applicable: Surfaces must be easily, efficiently and environmentally-friendly cleaned and disinfected. Furthemore, our program helps you to comply with the most stringent hygiene standards.

Transition Areas

The transition areas between different working environments are especially critical. In this case, our assortment of hand-washing basins and complete hygiene sluices ensure that the requirements are adhered to.

Tools and Equipment

Equipment must be made available and ready to use in a time-saving and environmentally-friendly manner. Our sterilisation cabins, such as the saw sterilisation cabins, help your employees in the process. The same also applies to the knife sterilisation basins, which are either electrically heated or supplied with hot water.


We offer your staff facilities such as towel dispensers, waste paper baskets, and soap dispensers in order to maintain the hygiene regulations in a running slaughterhouse. Sole cleaning machines, mountings for boots, and boot cleaning machines will take care of your boots. We also remembered the aprons: From mountings for aprons to wash cabins for aprons, and from apron washers to apron showers. Foam cleaning systems contribute to your company’s perfect hygiene solution.


  • wash-handbasins
  • knife sterilisation basins, electrically heated or with hot water
  • saw sterilisation cabins
  • hygiene sluices
  • soap dispensers
  • waste paper baskets
  • towel dispensers
  • apron washers
  • sole cleaning machines
  • apron showers
  • boot cleaning machines
  • foam cleaning systems
  • mountings for boots
  • wash cabins for aprons
  • mountings for aprons