Cattle Slaughtering

Pneumatic lifting and lowering platform with hygienic equipment

Developed for your competitive advantage
Used throughout the world

The requirements of companies active in the area of slaughtering and cutting cattle and other livestock are becoming more and more diverse. Increasing global competition calls for ever more efficient processes. At the same time, the market aims for an increasingly humane slaughter. High quality machines and facilities developed by RENNER and tailored to your needs can be crucial for your competitive advantage, boasting a maximum capacity of 60 cattle per hour.

From A to Z – along the entire slaughter line.

Whether you run an industrial-scale factory or a craftsman’s business with smaller premises: RENNER Schlachthaustechnik offers you a full range of single tools, entire facilities and slaughter lines completely designed and constructed for you.


Our product line encompasses animal welfare-compliant lairages and races for a stress-free pre-slaughter procedure.


Fail-safe stunning is ensured by our stunning traps for cattle. We also offer ritual cattle slaughter traps for countries where halal slaughter is permitted.

Hanging up

In the subsequent hanging up of the cattle, efficiency of procedures is provided by our retaining devices, retainer elevators for cattle and loading winches.


Everything that is needed for bleeding is provided in high quality: Landing gratings, bleeding channels, blood pumps, blood collecting facilities and much more.


Comfortable and efficient re-hanging is made possible by our range of re-hanging devices.


We also offer a variety of solutions for the skinning process – from skinning knifes to entire skinning machines.

Organ removal and splitting

Smooth dressing is crucial for the product quality. We offer a large range: Horn grippers, leg grippers, splitting saws, saw platforms, rumen removal platforms, bowl conveyors for white organs and conveyors for heads and red organs. Workstations for veterinarians at the evisceration line are also part of our product line.

pneumatisches Pansen Entnahme Podest


We also deliver the appropriate facilities for further processing: Rumen and gut cleaning machines, cleaning machines for cattle mouth, scalding machines for cattle feet and extraction systems for spinal marrow and bone meal. This includes pneumatic and vacuum conveyor systems, conveyor belts, drops and, not to forget, slides.

ergonomische und hygienische Arbeitsplätze

Product Range

  • animal welfare-compliant lairages
  • races
  • stunning traps for cattle for small and large operations
  • ritual cattle slaughter traps
  • landing gratings
  • loading winches
  • cattle loading elevators
  • bleeding channels
  • bleeding conveyors
  • blood collecting installations
  • blood pumps
  • re-hanging devices
  • skinning machines up to a maximum of 60 animals per hour
  • conveyors for heads and red organs
  • conveyors for white organs
  • bowl conveyors for white organs
  • rumen removal platforms
  • saw platforms
  • slaughter conveyors
  • conveyors with scales
  • workstation for veterinarians at the evisceration line
  • rumen cleaning machines
  • scalding machines for cattle feet
  • cleaning machines for cattle mouth
  • saws
  • leg and horn pincers
  • skinning knife
  • extraction system for spinal marrow and bone meal