Pig Slaughtering

Pig slaughter line clean area

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Different factors influence the slaughtering of pigs. The market as well as clients require economical, hygienic and transparent processes. At the same time, animal-friendly slaughtering is increasingly in the spotlight. The most modern technology is the solution to master the balancing act between economic viability and animal welfare.

RENNER Schlachthaustechnik develops pig slaughtering systems – from complete systems and entire facilities to the individual products that cater for the very specific needs of a butchery. Everything is tailored to your needs, everything you need to give you a competitive edge. The systems are designed for capacities of a maximum of 240 pigs per hour.

The complete program along the entire slaughter process line

No matter if it is for industrial slaughterhouses and boning plants or the artisan butchery with the smallest of spaces: RENNER Schlachthaustechnik offers you everything that you may need for pig slaughtering. Starting at the planning stage and ending with a slaughter process line designed and implemented entirely for you.


Ensuring species-appropriate handling and high meat quality requires stress-free processes even before the pigs are actually slaughtered. Our delivery program naturally includes animal-welfare compliant lairages and races.


The technology of our stunning facilities ensures failure-free stunning. Electrical stunning and effective CO2 stunning are some of the systems applied. Various stunning devices for the butchery trade round off our portfolio.


Vertical or horizontal bleeding – depending on the preferred system, we offer you everything that you need to guarantee a smooth process: bleeding channels, blood conveyors, blood pumps, blood collecting systems and much more. We have also developed solutions such as brushing machines for the subsequent pre-cleaning of the pigs.


Our supply offers horizontal and vertical scalding systems, covering both methods in the subsequent scalding process. Included are also scalding machines for suckling pigs.



We accompany the post-cleaning and the entire dehairing process of the pigs with various ground-breaking technologies. Dehairing and singeing machines (also for suckling pigs) are equipped with furnaces operated with natural or liquified petroleum gas. Our range also contains drying whips and pig-polishing machines based on the newest technology standards.

Organ removal and splitting

Process safety and hygiene are demanded during further carcass dressing. Hence, our comprehensive program includes: paw pincers, slaughter conveyors, splitting saws, hygienic dressing platforms, rectum cutters, pneumatic work platforms and much more. We also have not forgotten about the laboratory equipment for checking trichinae at the slaughter conveyor.


We also have suitable facilities for further processing: organ conveyors, stomach cleaning machines, gut cleaning machines and vacuum extraction units – to name a few.


  • animal welfare-compliant lairages
  • races
  • CO2 stunning
  • electrical stunning
  • horizontal bleeding
  • vertical bleeding
  • bleeding channels
  • blood collecting systems
  • blood pumps
  • bleeding conveyors
  • scalding systems, horizontal and vertical
  • de-hairing machines
  • de-hairing and singeing machines
  • drying whips
  • furnaces, natural gas or liquified petroleum gas
  • brushing machines
  • polishing machines
  • hygienic dressing platforms
  • slaughter conveyors
  • organ conveyors
  • laboratory equipment for checking for trichinae
  • pneumatic work platforms
  • gut cleaning machines
  • stomach cleaning machines
  • scalding and de-hairing machines for sucking pigs
  • splitting saws
  • rectum cutter
  • paw pincers
  • vacuum extraction units