Sheep Slaughtering

RENNER develops, manufactures and installs state-of-the-art sheep slaughtering systems.
Our customised systems are designed for capacities of up to 150 sheep per hour.

We provide our customers with complete systems and/or components which can be combined based on individual requirements and capacities. For smaller operations, such as butcher shops, we also have small-scale customised solutions.



  • animal welfare-compliant lairages
  • races
  • electrical stunning
  • ritual slaughtering traps
  • horizontal bleeding
  • vertical bleeding
  • bleeding channels
  • blood collecting systems
  • blood pumps
  • bleeding conveyors
  • re-hanging devices
  • skinning machines
  • hygienic dressing platforms
  • slaughter conveyors
  • organ conveyors
  • pneumatic work platforms
  • gut cleaning machines
  • stomach cleaning machines
  • brisket pincers
  • paw pincers
  • pneumatic skinning knife
Sheep Slaughtering
Electric stunning
Organ removal
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