Hygiene Technology

RENNER has the ideal hygiene technology for all applications in slaughterhouses and boning plants. Our products stand for solid quality and comply 100% with the stringent hygiene regulations for the food industry.



  • wash-handbasins
  • knife sterilisation basins, electrically heated or with hot water
  • saw sterilisation cabins
  • hygiene sluices
  • soap dispensers
  • waste paper baskets
  • towel dispensers
  • apron washers
  • sole cleaning machines
  • apron showers
  • boot cleaning machines
  • foam cleaning systems
  • mountings for boots
  • wash cabins for aprons
  • mountings for aprons
Saw or
pincer sterilisation cabin
Wash cabin for aprons
Sticking knives for pigs
Bolt-shot device
Sterilizationssystem for conveyor
Saw sterilization cabin
Sterilization basin
Economy shower
Drain system